Sunday, August 31, 2014

Crazy Tweaks To try Out

Useful Cydia Tweaks

If you've already jailbroken your iPhone, you have the opportunity to use Cydia tweaks. They can improve the performance of your device and help you save precious time that you could spend doing something more enjoyable.

Here are some very useful Cydia tweaks that you could try:

- CyDelete
If you've been struggling to remove various Cydia applications that you don't use anymore, this tweak is perfect for you. Usually uninstalling a Cydia package requires a few time-consuming steps, but CyDelete helps you remove all types of Cydia packages just like any App Store ones. For safety reasons, CyDelete won't remove Cydia too, so you don't have to worry that you might accidentally delete Cydia itself. This incredibly popular tweak is free.

- YouTubeToMp3
This is a free one and it allows you to download Mp3s from YouTube straight to your iPhone. You can also install the YouTube Plugin, which will spare you of copying the URL of the YouTube video you're interested in and pasting it to the download part.

- MissionBoard Pro
This tweak costs $2.99 and it was designed to replace the old iOS App Switcher. You'll be able to access music controls, control the volume, the orientation toggle, brightness control and the AirPlay one just by swiping to the left side. You'll also get fast access to other toggles that are used to enable or disable the Flashlight Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth.

- Zephyr
This tweak costs $4.99 and it's used for multi-touch gesture and multi-tasking. It is regarded as being one of the most efficient ways to multitask. It allows you to smoothly swipe to close aps, see the multitasking switcher or switch apps. You can also quickly check widgets or notifications.

- Protecti
If you want to protect all the information you have on your device from friends or family, this is the tweak you'll like most. It allows you to restrict access to parts or apps of the device. A simple gesture can keep all your data safe from people who want to intrude on your personal privacy. Protecti offers many customization features that are specially meant for anyone who is concerned about the data on the device. This tweak is currently available for $2.99.

- SBSettings
This tweak is famous for speeding up the device by quickly managing some iPhone settings such as 3G, Data, Connectivity, Bluetooth, Orientation lock or shortcuts to calculator or timer. It will only take a simple tap to be able to enable or disable many settings that would otherwise rob you a few minutes wandering through the iPhone. SBSettings is free of charge.